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Pure Python No JS Only Pyscript 💪🏻

Here's an example of a Pyscript implementation that doesn't use JS.
Try it :

Pure Python Non Js With Pyscript

We make an effort to build an app website without JS, to say the least. But actually we just change the format to use. The modules available in pyodide are based on JS commands on python.

Using javascript, just import pyscript and tailwindcss and daisyui


git clone

cd Pure-Python-Non-Js-With-Pyscript
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Tree File

│   config.toml
│   icon.png
│   index.html
│       settings.json
│       ascii.html
│       binance_price.html
│       clock.html
│       index.html
│       input_app.html
│       pyscript.css

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Input App : Example of creating a form to receive data from the client

Clock : An example of making a real-time display clock

Binance Price : This is an example of retrieving data with an API without using JavaScript.

ASCII : An example of an ASCII transformation that uses Python's built-in function chr() with ord() to demonstrate Python's capabilities.

Falling Snow : An example of creating snow falling from the sky using basic python, either map() or using dict instead of array in JS by reference from PasaComputer - Falling Snow | JavaScript 21 Days Challenge EP. 1 | สอน JavaScript เรียนรู้จากการลงมือทำ


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