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I miss you, var.

wassimchegham profile image Wassim Chegham ・1 min read

This is my open poem for the JavaScript var:


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Nah - good riddance var. Long live let & const ;)


They should have made var behave like let and just add const. Or make everything immutable by default. I dislike the whole 3 variable assignment keywords, I'd welcome the trillions of breaking changes.


I understand the feeling, but they probably didn't do it this way to avoid breaking backwards compatibility.
They should do it right from the beginning.


Nowdays even const is considered as a mistake πŸ˜…

Constant complaining from the js community. πŸ˜†


They should do it right from the beginning

Hindsight is 20/20

Far enough.
That was an unhappy statement, at least I learned a new word. thanks 😬

Not saying you're wrong, just that it's not trivial :)

Ahh 2020 the only year I can make jokes about my vision.


Sadly a time machine written in early JavaScript probably wouldn't work very well πŸ₯³ Merry Christmas


we should make a movie about it.


So like a Marvel movie? Or should I say.. Varvel? I will see myself out.