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Wasp Hackathon #2 - Let's "hack-a-ton"!

So Launch Week #2 has officially come to an end, and as the tradition goes, the end of the launch week means the beginning of a hackathon!

We've launched a ton of new features for you to build your Hackathon project with, including:

You can read it all in this blog post or watch a 1-minute video showing how it all works in practice 🎬!

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Even better, we've got a new starter templates feature that lets you create a new project with a pre-built template, so you can get started even faster! Like this sweet SaaS template with GPT, Stripe, SendGrid, and Tailwind UI already integrated:

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Just run wasp new my-project -t saas and you're good to go.

The prizes for the hackathon include an awesome Wasp-themed mechanical keyboard, tons of Wasp swag, and more cool stuff (e.g., virtual hugs from the team)!

The only rule is to use Wasp, and you can build whatever you want (but both you and I know it's going to be a GPT-powered app, so make sure to use our template).

The applications are open, and the hackathon starts on April 28th and ends on May 7th. You can apply (solo or with a team) here:

🏆 Join the Wasp Hackathon 2.0! 🏆

Good luck and Happy Hacking 🐝🚀!

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