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Making Splash Screens for a Capacitor/Android Application

Michael D. Callaghan
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This is a follow-up to my post from yesterday, about making icons and splash screens for Ionic/Capacitor apps. Turns out, making a splash screen for iOS was simple. Just drop three 2732x2732 files into the project, and Xcode takes care of the rest. Likewise, Android Studio will take a large png file and make you a set of perfect icons. But making Android splash screens was harder, so I recreated my pattern from yesterday and made a script to do the hard stuff for me.

You can read about my Ionic 3 - 4 and Capacitor experience here.

To create the Android splash screen, I started with the same 2732x2732 PNG file I used for the iOS project. Using the same sips command I had used yesterday, and the file sizes Android Studio and Capacitor gave me, I came up with this version of the shell script.


# Make a bunch of Android splash screens Master image.
# Given an image at least 1920x1920 pixels named splash.png, resize and create a
# duplicate at each specified size. Add new sizes as needed. When finished,
# copy the resulting images into your Android project, under the res folder.

mkdir -p ./res
function resize {

  echo $1 into $4

  [ -d "./res/$4" ] || mkdir ./res/$4

  if [[ $w -ge $h ]]; then
    sips -Z $w -c $h $w --out ./res/$4/splash.png $1
    sips -Z $h -c $h $w --out ./res/$4/splash.png $1

resize $1 480 320 drawable
resize $1 800 480 drawable-land-hdpi
resize $1 480 320 drawable-land-mdpi
resize $1 1280 720 drawable-land-xhdpi
resize $1 1600 960 drawable-land-xxhdpi
resize $1 1920 1280 drawable-land-xxxhdpi
resize $1 480 800 drawable-port-hdpi
resize $1 320 480 drawable-port-mdpi
resize $1 720 1280 drawable-port-xhdpi
resize $1 960 1600 drawable-port-xxhdpi
resize $1 1280 1920 drawable-port-xxxhdpi
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Like yesterday's script to create iOS icons, this one is pretty straightforward. It is a lot of brute force, and assumes a happy path. Unlike yesterday's, this one actually allows you to specify the splash screen to be converted, and it will then build the appropriate res folder. Simply take those files and drop them into your Android Capacitor project. You'll find them in ./android/src/app/main/res.

Feel free to make suggestions on improvement.

Feedback Appreciated

Do you have any comments or questions? Did I make any mistakes in this post? Let me know on Twitter. I'm @walkingriver.

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