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Inertia.js Does not Work

Install the javascript package from NPM. Like magic! Can you ship it to production?

npm install @inertiajs/react
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Please follow the starting guide if you still need to do so.

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I did that, but my code does not work. The documentation is non-existent, and there needs to be more support on GitHub.

You need help understanding my issue. When I submit my form, errors are everywhere, and something must be fixed!

This is why I'm telling you we must use Axios or Fetch. There is simply no way to use this library. React with GraphQL is the way.

Young Thug and Lil Durk Troubleshooting

We should drop Inertia in favor of Zog and Typescript. We do not need to pull in any libraries. Everything will work out of the box.

On Mastodon, everyone agrees that fetching the data only when needed is the correct approach.

Let me explain the big picture. Twitter is dead. Everyone threads on Mastodon. You would need help understanding.


Hey, there is an issue on Github, and everyone is having problems. Pulling in a new library is the only way to fix this issue.

What is the issue? It's multi-faceted. This library enables us to use React with page-based routing to deploy straight to the cloud. Typescript shows an error, so we must downgrade and install this library.

This is why I love the Typescript community! They are so quick to resolve issues on GitHub! If we were using Vanilla Javascript...

this is fine deep fried

Typescript was not actually flawed. There was a bug in my code. We wanted the server to render the first-page load, so we created a function to wrap all the data into a single JSON object.

The JSON object contains the name of the component that should be rendered when the browser loads. Then, all the data is passed on as props. We can server render any React component from the server. Do you need me to explain more?

With this new design, we can make React work for all future projects, and legacy projects using C# and Java can be grandfathered in. After our issues with Typescript and Zog, we decided a protocol-esque approach was best.

We call it Progress. 🦄

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