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Coding Garden Log - Entry 2

Hey there!

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Last Week

Last week was a busy week in the Coding Garden!

New Series

I kicked of 2 new series on the YouTube channel: "A View from the Garden - Programming and Tech News" and "Daily Programmer". Both of these series are my attempt to take segments from my live stream and publish them unedited to YouTube. I know other YouTube channels would script and edit these types of videos, but I want to capture what it's like to watch me live on Twitch and I want to showcase myself working through mistakes and vocal flubs (the kinds of things that typically get edited out of YouTube videos).

The YouTube uploads have been received well and I think I'll keep these series going for a while.

Short Form Content

Last week I also published my first attempt at "short form" videos to YouTube shorts, TikTok, Instagram and Twitter! I took one of my solutions to each of the Daily Programmers and recorded myself talking through the completed code.

The shorts have also been received well, so I'll do my best to keep making them.

Channel Trailers

Last week I also recorded a new Twitch Channel Trailer and new YouTube Channel Overview.

If you have been following the channel for a while, this is nothing new, but it had been 2 years since I last updated these. I think these give a solid overview of what I do and what Coding Garden is all about.

Choosing a Full Stack Framework

Last week was the final installment in the Choosing a Full Stack Framework series. I gave SvelteKit and Nuxt a second try and aggregated my findings from all the frameworks.

Friday Project Kickoff

Last Friday, I summarized my findings from the "Choosing a Full Stack Framework" series and revealed my choice for our next "Friday" project... You'll have to watch the VOD to see what my choice was...

We also kicked off the project by picking a name, brainstorming user roles, coming up with epic user stories and setting up the initial code base for the project.

This Week

Tuesday will be a chill stream with a focus on fixing bugs and adding new features to the overlays and apps that run the Coding Garden.

Friday will be Day 2 of the project where we will be wire framing some app screens and designing the database.

Thanks for reading this far down and thanks for being a part of the Coding Garden community. Hope to see you in the chat this week! 💚


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