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Coding Garden Log - Entry 0

Hey there! I'm trying something new and will be posting my weekly email updates as a blog post as well. I may or may not continue this. Regardless, thanks for stopping by.

Last Week

Last week was a slow week for Coding Garden, but I did release an edited video on YouTube and did a live stream on Saturday trying out SvelteKit.

Edited YouTube Video

The edited video on YouTube is my first attempt at a more fast paced edit but still with a focus on the code and some chat interaction.

The video I edited was from Episode 21 in the Coding Improv Series where I build an app inspired by chat suggestions. This is a fun series that usually results in a lot of fun moments while live, but typically those moments are lost in a multi-hour VOD that most people don't have the time to watch or catch up on.

Please give it a watch if you have not yet and please share it with others if you find it interesting. The video is getting less views than usual, but it is getting more new subscribers than other videos within the same time frame, so this is my first experiment in growing my audience with more fast paced edited content rather than long form live stream content.

Saturday Stream

On Saturday, I streamed myself beginning the process of choosing a full stack framework for our next "Friday" project. Our last "Friday" project was Fresh Spots, an app that allows users to create and share lists of places to visit.

If you tuned in to the streams for the last "Friday" project, you'll know we spent a large amount of time writing our own packages from scratch, "re-inventing the wheel" and trying to figure out how to do things in a very new framework / ecosystem (we built the app with Deno and Fresh). This time, instead of just jumping in to the latest / buzz-wordiest thing, I'm trying to be a bit more methodical in the selection process.

Nuxt, SvelteKit, Remix and Next.js are all in the running.

I initially set out to try them all in one stream... but as usual I didn't get as far as I'd hoped and only got to try one - SvelteKit.

This week's streams will each be me trying a different full stack framework. Check the schedule to see when I'll be trying what, and add it to your calendar.

Choosing a Full Stack Framework

To choose a full stack framework, I am focusing on the framework "ecosystem" rather than the framework itself.

At this point, I care less if I'm using React, Svelte or Vue, and I care less about how a back-end framework does routing, data loading or hybrid rendering. I care more about an ecosystem that has a well supported UI component library, full featured auth package, full stack type safety and solid db (prisma) integration. These are things I'll be evaluating and focusing on this week.


Thanks for reading this. I appreciate you. Have a good week. Hope to see you in the twitch chat.


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Mihai-Adrian Andrei

Looking forward to the next streams😬. I’m curious which one will be the chosen one.

mikee profile image
Miguel Palacios

Probably you end up choosing NextJS based on these criteria.

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