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Releasing `javascript-library-template`

👋 JavaScript developers

One of the hidden challenges of authoring opensource JavaScript libraries is to provide a project that is easy to contribute to.

Doing so requires a good amount of boilerplate, you have to think about and provide tooling for:

  • ✅ testing
  • ✅ code coverage
  • ✅ dependencies maintenance
  • ✅ release scripts
  • ✅ software requirements like Node.js and Yarn: which versions are we using again?
  • ✅ code editor configuration
  • ✅ formatting
  • ✅ linting...

This can be daunting and you might already be tired of this long list. Well, fear no more, I created a JavaScript library template that covers all of that!

After publishing JavaScript libraries for 7 years now, this template contains all my experience when it comes to providing good modern defaults to a JavaScript library tooling.

It's available on GitHub as a repository template:

Next time you want to create a reusable opensource (or not) JavaScript library: give a try to my template and let me know how it goes.

The next steps for the template are highlighted in the README and I would love you to contribute, join me 🚀

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