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Unity XScaling - A library for Realtime Texture and Rendering Upscaling (Super-Resolution)

Hey, everybody. I recently finished the first version of a library for real-time upscaling (texture enhancement). Unity XScaling Framework - is a set of tools for texture upscaling and real-time camera rendering, allowing you to improve picture quality without increasing the size of your build.

Simply load 256x256 textures into your build and upscale them to any size in real time on demand. Or increase performance and quality with Super-Resolution Rendering and the Camera Upscale component

Unity XScaling

❓ What does the XScaling Library include?

  • Real-time Texture Upscaling;
  • UI Image and RawImage Upscaler;
  • Distance-based textures upscaling;
  • Rendering Upscaling (Super-Sampling) (similar FRS or DLSS but fully cross-platform);
  • GPU-Based and cross-platform;

Get Started

Unity XScaling installs into your project as easily as possible - basic installation and configuration takes only 4 steps.

Basic Installation:

  • Download Latest Release from GitHUB;
  • Import .unitypackage into your project;
  • See example scenes or add ready-to-use components on your models / ui elements;
  • Done!


  • Unity 2019+ and Built-in Render Pipeline Only (URP and HDRP support is coming soon);
  • TextMesh Pro and Texture2D packages for UI support;


This library is still under development. The system performs best on cartoon textures, but I aim to solve this soon by adding new algorithms such as Real-ESRGAN. Do not use preset HQ Quality at Production. Use HQ Performance instead.

And of course thank you for reading, I would be happy to discuss various upscaling algorithms and work together!

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