Friday Showcase

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As it is Friday, let's do something more fun. Show me what you are working on, need to promote, is interesting to you or whatever you want. It can be almost anything. Products/ tools/ highlights/ feature/ facts/ history/ code/ people/ video/ places/ anything (within d2 terms).

It's not a competition & you can show junk, incomplete too, especially if makes someone laugh.

My choice: the sounds of Wikipedia edits:
(random selection of something I thought was cool, no connection)

(let's see if this gets any traction).


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I don't have anything that I can directly show, however, I started poking around the other day with Elixir.


My first dive into functional programming. Pretty cool so far.


Does it do things better?


Somethings according to what I have read yes. Concurrency mainly. However, it is just neat.

I was told to learn functional programming, having a different perspective on the craft only lends itself towards future growth.

They meant "code that works" for functional programming. πŸ˜‰

Mine works. It does the thing & it triggers devs when they see the src. Pretty sure that's what it's meant to do. 😳

That is probably true and yours has prolly made you now money than others too. 🀣 I was also being snarky lol

Their code was always junk. Firstmover or lastmover junk. Then cheer-led. Next revealed.

If you listen to devs, you get 12K contact forms.

if you listen to designers, you get 15K button gradients.

If you listen to marketing, you get sly.

If you listen to me, you go insane.

Listen to the ring, man. It wants to rue them all

It's how it works snarkleman (I only speak in nonsense so we good). Look at the code you are on.

Man I don't know how you come up with all of this lol.

Charcoal man.

I ate it as a kid.


Launched my new portfolio site!

Then this is entirely amusing:


Congrats on launching your site Ann, it has a strong first impression. Good luck with it. The inspiration post is interesting. πŸ‘

Meanwhile, I am now a "Participator of Smart Visuals" thanks to your second site. 😳


Overpaid Designer of Pretentious Authority 🀣🀣🀣


Thank you for even checking it out! πŸ™

Hah! Sounds pretty passive, must be an upper management position.

No thanks needed, I'll read it all shortly too.


Your site is beautiful great job! @vuild said it best, a very strong impression! Great work!


Thank you! πŸ™Appreciate you checking it out!


Made some decent headway on We Fucking Love Color, my first MERN stack app. Didn't really show it in the gif but I was able to be able to pull parent comments when calling the palette/:id endpoint and then populating the child comments.

As far as I know, using Mongoose to talk to the mongodb doesn't let me "populate all the way down" so not sure if I'm just going to have a finite nest level ("can only respond to the third level down") vs rewriting the comments stuff.


That sounds very good Jack, nice gif. πŸ‘

As an expert, I don't understand 50% of the stuff you are saying or doing. 😳

On comment nesting. mostly depends on how much arguing you want. Ppl don't comment 8 layers deep agreeing. πŸ˜ƒ


I’ve been quite busy the last month, but I plan on continuing my work on an invoice app, built with vue.

I should see things so differently now considering that the last month has been spent on learning angular. I’m ready to face this challenge!!

Also, I’m really, really happy to say that today I had my first talk with a client. I started a collaboration, well, a month ago and I’ve been so pleasantly surprised that they could rely on me.


Congrats on the client. It's always nice to be appreciated for your work. Well done. πŸ‘

The invoice Ui is clean & simple, good work on this (looks neater than what I use).

youtube.com/watch?v=BpFPk3wXWZk&t=4s Mozzarella.πŸ˜ƒ


I'll toss my silly project in the mix :). I created a slack plugin that generates very common reasons for being late due to the NYC metro system not working properly.


I built this on Phoenix (Elixirlang) :)


That's hilarious Edwin. πŸ‘

And the fact it is so bad you decided code/write something. 🀣


Lol its RDD, rage driven development ;)

My kind of dev. πŸ‘


Made it to summer solstice photographing every sunrise of 2019. Huge milestone for this project.


Stunning place & excellent shots. That is a lot of work Bugsy.

bflick.imgix.net/https%3A%2F%2Fliv... πŸ”₯


Profound pictures of Sun rise, loved your photography. I have been writing a blog on Summer Solstice from two years. Sun Praising has been a historical and cultural event for many civilizations in the past and is for many today too. The Summer Solstice SunRise at Stonehenge is a unique experience, thousands visit there to just witness the magical Sunrise that appears exactly above the "Heel" stone.