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An aspiring artist using code as another medium for creation. I am currently a software developer in an EdTech company focused on improving communication in the workplace. I work heavily in Ruby!

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Lead Software Engineer at LingoLive

How to find and identify a great mentor for me?

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1 min read

How to safely drop a deprecated database table

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A hilarious game to illustrate why UX is important!

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Sprinkling StimulusJS - Light JS Without Heavy Choices.

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Explain Selenium & Webdrivers Like I'm Five

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Enhance your PostgreSQL practice on MacOSX with Postico

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Convert YAML column data to JSONB in Rails and Postgres

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Seeking suggestions for leveling up web design skills

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Explain Required Sign In Forms For Wifi Access Like I'm Five

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Rituals before bed for better work life balance & sleep

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Setting up automated testing and deployment to Gigalixir for a Phoenix Application using GitLab.

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The Useful & Hidden '_' Command In IRB

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Structured RSpec For Ruby & Rails

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