VS Code Shortcuts That I Would Teach Myself if I Had a Time Machine With Limited Fuel

Vitor Paladini on July 22, 2020

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Editor guide

Specially useful when editing and jumping between files, or when for some reason you scrolled and changed your position and need to go back:

Go Back: Ctrl+-
Go Forward: Ctrl+Shift+-

You're welcome 😎.

Edit: And yes, it is Ctrl on all OS (Mac, Windows, Linux)


Man, I kid you not, that was literally my expression when I tried your suggestion.


Fantastic, never even knew that this kind of navigation was possible.


I know, right!

I found this one a few months ago (can’t remember what I was looking for) and it became instantly one of my favorites.

high five


I use forward and backward button on my mouse


If you are on mac with touchbar you can also press the arrow keys in the touchbar. Super convenient.


Best "vscode shortcuts" post I've ever read. Extra points for the b99 reference.
Next time you go back make sure to teach your past self this one: Shift +Alt + F. It will automatically format your code (if you have a formatter installed for that language).


This one is really useful. The Mac version is Option + Shift + F


Thanks, Paula. Glad that someone caught that 😄

Shift + Alt + F is also pretty great, thanks for sharing!


You can also configure VSCode to run this onSave as instance which allow you to dont forget formatting ;)

Love this idea, thanks!


My favorites:

  • Ctrl+L. Highlight the current line. Press it N times to highlight the next N lines.
  • Alt+Up/Down. Move an entire line of code (or the current selection) up/down. No more cutting/pasting.

The move line up/down is like my #1 used hotkey.

The other one I use a lot that's similar is SHIFT+ALT+up/down for duplicating the current line above or below.


I find "move line up/down" shortcut very useful.
Also cmd+a (beginning of the line) and cmd+e (end of line) very useful - not only in vscode, just in general, including terminal.


Great one! (fyi this was Ctrl+A/E on mac for me)


Do you know how long I tried to find this info? Thank you! Lot of my time will be saved


Glad i could help :-))


can't see this one mentioned elsewhere, but i must use it every hour.

CTRL + / >> comment/uncomment a line or selection

also mentioned elsewhere, but different

CTRL + ' >> open a terminal window (but this one is apostrophe, not backtick)


Good article that will probably help many people :)
Well, some other things that are usefull =>
(Sry Idk for windows)
Command + d : select current word (really essential shortcut) and, if you press it again, it will select the next occurence of this word :)
And an other one which allow you to work on several line at the same time:
Command + option + arrow (up or down), then do what you want with your selected lines (esc to leave this mode !)


So creative and perfect article!

Thank you for sharing it.

What I use every day is opening and closing terminal :

Command/Ctrl + backtick
Command/Ctrl + shift + backtick


Command/Ctrl + backtick is toggle Integrated Terminal and Command/Ctrl + shift + backtick creates a new one, right? Thanks for sharing!


in spanish keyboards is:
Ctrl + ñ" (open/closes a terminal)
"Ctrl + Shift + ñ" (open an additional terminal)


Control-Shift-P (or Command-Shift-P) is the "master key" which shows your most recent commands, and allows you to search for any other command, including keyboard shortcuts - learn this one first, and then gradually you'll learn the rest ...

Control-Q is also one I use a lot - switching between the Explorer view, the Source Control view and the Debug/Run view.

Ah and then Control-] or Cmd-] (on OSX) to jump to end bracket/begin bracket is a powerful one.


CMD + ] on my Mac causes the line to indent (like using TAB) rather than jumping to brackets. I wonder if you have mapped your hot keys differently.


Ah yes maybe I remapped it, some key combos are unintuitive or conflict with other things so then I'd remap them.


Nice post and nice replies. I'll also add some shortcuts I'm using and I didn't see here.

  1. Select several lines. SHIFT+ALT+i will create multicursor. Then CMD+LEFT/RIGHT to go to the beginning/end of the lines.
  2. CMD+P. Then > to see the latest command, or : to jump to specific line. For example, if I have some text I want to uppercase it, I select the text, CMD+P, then type > and start typing uppercase. You will see a Transform to Uppercase command :)

Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3 ... also work for focusing tabs. It also works in Chrome (both Ctrl+digits and Alt+digits), Firefox (only Alt+digits) and gnome-terminal (only Alt+digits), making this the one shortcut to remember! [Linux]


This is a great list! I Found myself referring back to this after reading it a few days ago :)

Quick observation:

Command/Ctrl+W closes the current tab, Command/Ctrl+Shift+T reopens it"

For me (I've made no edits that I can recall) this closes all "except" the current tab. And then pressing it again re-opens all. Did you customize this setting?


That seems like specialized behavior, @Gio.
The default on VSCode (as well as most browsers and operating systems) is that CMD + W closes the current window.


My favorite is Ctrl + D to select Next occurrence. And hold ctrl key for using multi cursor.


In my vscode, I use Ctrl+Tab to navigate between tabs


Awesome Post, I had fun now :)


My fav is Ctrl/cmd + r, to list/filter functions


Is there a shortcut for creating a new file in the explorer SIDEBAR? I always have to right click first and then use my mouse to do this.


I found this helpful and very funny. :)

P.S. I think the gif under "Use Command/Ctrl+Shift+L" is the gif from "Command/Ctrl+Shift+H"


Oh, good catch. Thanks, Kelsey! It was very fun to write as well, glad you liked it 😄


You should've asked, "why am I still coding in an era where time machines exist?"


Well, somebody must have worked on the time machine firmware hahaha


I had a good laugh at this hahaha
Very helpful!! =)


Funny and so helpful! Thank you and thanks to all the add'l added in the comments! I have a lot of muscle memory learnin' to do.


Thanks, Shane! I'm very happy with all the comments, I learned quite a few new shortcuts as well 😄


I would rather tell my past self to learn Vim at the age 14. I use VSCode sometimes so it's still good to learn some nice commands though!


Awesome post Vitor, truly a good selection of shortcuts showcased here.!


I didn't even know I needed these. Thank you so much.


Happy to help!


Use Alt + left arrows to navigate back in your history.


You are so funny. Thank you for this!


You're welcome, Elliot 😄

I wish I could write like this every time but I have to be particularly inspired to come up with something this silly haha

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