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Computer Vision Meetup: Anomaly Detection with Anomalib and FiftyOne

Most anomaly detection techniques are unsupervised, meaning that anomaly detection models are trained on unlabeled non-anomalous data. Developing the highest-quality dataset and data pipeline is essential to training robust anomaly detection models.

In this brief walkthrough, I will illustrate how to leverage open-source FiftyOne and Anomalib to build deployment-ready anomaly detection models. First, we will load and visualize the MVTec AD dataset in the FiftyOne App. Next, we will use Albumentations to test out augmentation techniques. We will then train an anomaly detection model with Anomalib and evaluate the model with FiftyOne.

About the Speaker

Jacob Marks is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer and Researcher at Voxel51, where he leads open source efforts in vector search, semantic search, and generative AI for the FiftyOne data-centric AI toolkit.

Prior to joining Voxel51, Jacob worked at Google X, Samsung Research, and Wolfram Research. In a past life, he was a theoretical physicist: in 2022, he completed his Ph.D. at Stanford, where he investigated quantum phases of matter.

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Recorded on May 8, 2024 at the AI, Machine Learning and Data Science Meetup.

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