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What is your favourite dev. related quote?

voidjuneau profile image Juneau Lim ・1 min read

I just saw "Nevertheless, She Coded" on DEV shop, and found this post and #shecoded hashtag.

I am not a quote addict.
However, as a newbie, wonder:
    I wonder what every else's one line in their heart is.


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"The most dangerous phrase in the language is 'we've always done it this way.'" Admiral Grace Hopper


Nice one. I admire her but haven't heard it before. Thank you for sharing!


"your code is not for the machines, it's for other humans"


Wow, that's genuine. I also have to remember it all the time.


I have two from two good friends:

1) "First, make it work. Then, make it pretty".
2) "Programming is a creative art".


Too true.
The first one makes me a bit guilty. I am really bad at setting and keeping MVP(Minimum viable product).


OMG, that is way too me.