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Online ChatGPT-powered startups hackaton // coding not required

Hey folks! I'm looking for support to organize a ChatGPT-powered startups hackathon this or next weekend.

💡 Hackathon idea so far


  • build a proof of concept for a problem with ChatGPT. 24 hours for you to to come up with a proof of concept of a solution with #ChatGPT for an existing product or a new one. Proof of concept: a Notion paper, a zero-code app, or a bot — anything doable quickly.


  • anyone from startups and product companies. Existing product managers, product-minded engineers, etc. Basically anyone who want to apply ChatGPT to product companies.

  • team or solo. You can join together as a whole startup team or just by you-self to pit your wits and innovate

  • coding skills not required. Just desire to look for ideas or problems and to figure out how to apply ChatGPT to it


  • built a proof of concept blazingly fast. You’ll come up with an AI-powered proof of concept to boost your product or may become a new startup or solution to sell to other companies.

  • prizes. there will be nominations and winner will have prizes.

  • intros with accelerators/VC. I’m looking for ways to make intros with EU funds / accelerators. Already have 1 fund looking for expansion in EU region and considering exinsting startups for portfolio.

  • fun & engaging. Look for a solution together quickly — it's not a day to day job.

  • AI literacy leveled up. This new type of literacy often referred to as the "3rd literacy," is essential for anyone who wants to take advantage of the many benefits that AI has to offer.


  • online, Lisbon / London timezone. Time and date to be confirmed if I actually manage to start this 😄

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