What's your first experience with programming/coding?

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Happy programmers' day 2019 everyone! What was the first time you remember programming? The first time I actually formally programmed anything was at 13. I took a Python beginners class over the summer at Portland State University. From that day, programming and software development has been a part of my life.

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ZZT! Eleven year old me was exposed to this game creation system over a decade after it was released (~2002), and when it was released in 1991 it was already "quaint". Coded by Tim Sweeney, whom you may know from Epic MegaGames/Fortnite today, it came with a rudimentary OOP scripting language and content creation system.

Hundreds and hundreds of hours, gone without a trace.


I gotta say I've never heard of this. Looks like an interesting game though!


The game it comes with isn't at all - the sheer variety of games that people managed to create with it is the real accomplishment. Mostly defunct now but 1991-2014 is a hell of a run.


"Learn to Program BASIC" by Interplay!! What a RIDICULOUS game/IDE to teach kids with. But it's kind of amazing how useful (and deeply-ingrained) a lot of those concepts were/are for me.

And also, WHOA this video--literally jump to ANY point, omg: youtube.com/watch?v=uBYz9syhNAA

I don't remember what year I got this, but I was probably about 10 years old? My brother and I used to make text RPGs in them--and that's still what I do when learning a new language, lol.


My first experience with programming was in 5th grade at a magnet school. We learned Logo/Turtle graphics on the Apple II+. The following year, we started learning Applesoft Basic.


I start playing with HTML when I was 10 or so though I have had an interest tech as long as I can remember. I now use mostly JVM based languages .

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