How has the Coronavirus been affecting you?

visualmov profile image Ryan ・1 min read

How has this pandemic (emotionally or the virus itself) been affecting your daily routine and life? It's taken me a while to accept that my normal daily life has now been changed drastically for the foreseeable future, and it still scares me sometimes. I don't want to get too personal, but this last semester is very meaningful to me, and thinking about having the rest of it cancelled and moved online can hurt sometimes. However now I'm looking on the brighter side, which is all this free-time I have!

How has all of this personally affected you?


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It's been weird for me. My job and school were already remote so my day-to-day routine hasn't changed... so I have a weird sense of normalcy while everything is going on which is almost more stressful for me than if I felt like my life was being interrupted.