Create React Project without create-react-app

Vishang on April 26, 2019

Why this post? It's very easy to create react app with terminal by following these commands. npx create-react-app my-app cd my-app ... [Read Full]
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Thank you, thank you, thank you. I was using the create react app npm module and it's too much for what I currently need in my react learning path. I also I like to have a certain degree of control over my app structure.


I'm still new to managing npm modules/packages. I've been thinking about the package.json - One thing I wonder is: Should edits to the package.json be mainly automated through installations and other configuration options invoked or is a lot of time spent manually editing packages.json for config in some cases?

in my opinion, I would not do that. I will install the libraries as i needed and add --save or --dev-save flags accordingly. So it will added automatically to the package.json file. I am sure you're aware of it. For sure you can add manage it manually if needed. I am not doing it so far as my workflows concerned.

Yeah, just by scrolling through it I got the vibe that it's not common to manually edit. Thanks for replying. :D


Good job! Really useful!
I have a question though, how can I access the app from another machine? I know that while using create-react-app it is possible to access is from a adress, but it does not seem to work at the same way when installing webpack manually...


I think you forgot add html-loader to webpack.config.js. it was didn't loading template without html-loader.



Very good, may I ask how to make it works in IE11?

I tried to use polyfill but I have no success.

Got this error in IE11: " Object doesn't support property or method 'entries'"

Any idea?



Awesome step-by-step guide! I bookmarked it a few months ago and came back to it many times since.

There's only one thing missing (no big deal). You don't mention the creation of index.html at any point in the guide (it's listed below with all the files below though).


Thanks for this. has anyone checked the console, I see an error "Entrypoint undefined = index.html"


Thanks for this post! I've used create-react-app as a crutch for far too long. I finally built a react app using your article as a guide. Keep at it!

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