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Mental health

I don't know what drove me into writing this article but I believe through this article I will communicate to many and give hope to many.
How is your mental health right now? How are you feeling are you afraid, hopeless, anxious, suicidal.
Recently have been feeling anxious. Anxiety is that condition that's accompanied with fear and worry. from my research have found out that can be as a result of childhood trauma and also your upbringing. Anxiety makes you a slave of your thoughts you fear to try something because you're worried what will people say or what if I can't do it.


What comes in your mind when you hear about suicide,I remember I lost a friend to suicide.Do you check on your family? family is anyone close to you.Some of us assume that this is a man he will maneuver around and come into his senses no please, let's stop giving men these superhero titles and thoughts.It does not make you less of a man if you share your problems in fact to me that's a hero.Do you know the largest population of depressed people is men and children.Men who is the most important person in your life? Wife, children, family?? Noo you're the most important person in your life work on your self growth and love.You can't love your family if don't love you.
Many are asking how are children depressed? How many of us parents fight infront of kids,Use abusive words Infront of our kids and also direct to the kids,Compare your kids and many more.are you among the group how are planning to change this inorder bring up functional generation?.
Any time you feel your mental health is at stake kindly seek help from professionals not from your religious leaders...A professional is trained to handle the cases and religious leader is trained to handle religious matters. Yes some religious leaders are trained too. what if am financially down? we have institutions that offer free service inquire around you.
Let's embark on this journey of healing and living a happy and stress free life.
Please if someone confides with you don't make them regret sharing .Be the light to the person.
A healthy mind is a happy family.

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drake nelson

I have been feeling anxious as well, bullied and traumatized didn't even feel like talking to people, its pretty messed up thing to be in, I need some help and I talked to my friends and family but didn't helped me well, So I opted to look for professional in this field, and it did wonders for me, I choosed psychiatrist in windsor and now it feels better after getting some prescription from them.

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We live in a crazy world and almost always there's someone who got it worse than you. "So what if you got betrayed by a friend - there's a war raging and people are dying!" kind of comments are forcing up to shut up and endure . And I absolutely agree with you we don't listen enough to each other and even ourselves.
Stress, anxiety, anger and depression are all indicators that something is not right, much like a warning sign on a car panel, yet we keep ignoring these and keep driving till we run out of fuel or fry the engine. We clearly shouldn't! Instead, we should genuinely ask each other "How are you feeling?" and give a true answer, not the "polite" one.
Thank you for writing it!
How are you feeling?

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Cindy Laguerre

I'm sorry about your friend. We must really check on our loved ones and talk to them. They may be struggling inside, and we can't know what they think when alone. We can stop suicide if we know how to connect to our friends and family. And it is also essential where to go if things are out of hand. There are lots of counseling centers that can help. I personally recommend Kentucky Counseling Center since I've tried their counseling service, and they did a great job helping me cope with my issues.

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Harry Fahringer \|/

Mental health is a very important topic, IMHO. Thank you for spreading the word and positivity.

Cheers to a healthy mind.

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