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Behold! The first website I built was when I was 12ish and managed a Age of Empires/Kings clan. I can't believe it is still there after 20+ years:

(Brace yourselves)

(No. Really. Brace yourself)

Curiously, the next time I did any web development was 15 years later xD


I accidentally hit wappalyser chrome extension button, it literally said "No technologies detected." xD


No technologies were used in the making of this website XDDD


This is the beauty of the Web that I came here to see.


This makes me feel so many nostalgic emotions. Boss.


Tripods are still online?!?!? Now I wonder if mine are still there :)


I remember using yahoo geo cities to build a site many years ago. I would have been very happy at the time if it looked that good as that.


hahaha YES! If you were to describe this design with just one word it would definitely be minimalistic :D


A true hipster, ahead of the curve in the minimalism movement! He Marie Kondo-ed (or Kondomari) his whole website and disposed of anything that didn't spark joy ✨🙌

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