A Video Intro to Boost Your Coding Fu with VSCode and Vim

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Yo! I made an intro video to Boost Your Coding Fu with VSCode and Vim. Hope you like it!! :D

UPDATE: I made a sliiiightly improved video:

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Good job!
It's a nice intro.... though it does feel a little deprecated of minor details...
but that's just nit picky :/


Thank you!

Please lay it all out there. I love feedback. That's how you improve. Even nitpicky one. It just pushes you to keep a higher standard 😁👍


Even though it's for beginners it should go a little deeper into the subject, there was a point in the middle where I got a little confused over the subject not being clear enough, but otherwise it,s great! 😇
Maybe patch this for people who are beginners who have some existing knowledge...

Thank you!!! :D

In my mind I was thinking...

How can I entice people to get excited about learning Vim (with VSCode) without overwhelming them... And from there I though Hmm... I could use a simile and make Normal mode sound like a special mode where you can use fighting-game-like combos (special moves xD) to edit text. I don't know if that came through as I had planned it in my head cuz I just recorded everything in one go :D

I did record 5 minutes more where I go through the idea of motions and operators, etc. But then while I was editing I realized that perhaps it was too much information for an intro video. There's more detailed videos afterwards where you get into the nitty gritty step by step. :)

A wise one was you, but you should remember only you know what you make.
Hope this thread helped!

It did! It pushed me to improve the original video with some minor tweaks and I think it has become the better for it :D Thank you!


Great intro ! Tried it but felt the extension slow :/ Waiting for OniVim v2 !


Thank you! I get ya! One of the reasons I prefer Vim over Visual Studio Code in general is that Vim is super fast compared to VSCode.

OniVim looks awesoooome :D



I am on the same camp.

Btw, I created vscode.xyz , some of tips is for vscodevim user. Check it out

Thanks for this amazing article

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