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Run visual commands like htop in Common Lisp

A little trick I just added to the Cookbook:

Running visual commands (htop)

Use uiop:run-program and set both :input and :output to :interactive:

(uiop:run-program "htop" :output :interactive :input :interactive)
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This will spawn htop in full screen, as it should.

It works for more commands (sudo, vim…), however not for all interactive
programs, such as less or fzf. If you know how to do it, your contribution will be precious.

If you want more, you'd have to resort to cmd and set its *visual-commands* list with your visual program, to run the interactive command in a new terminal like xterm, or emacsserver (if you use Emacs' vterm you could have emacsserver open the interactive command inside another vterm… it's nearly transparent).

(push "fzf" cmd:*visual-commands*)
(let ((cmd:*terminal* '("xterm" "-e")))
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