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Create nice-looking GUI applications in Common Lisp

We can build interfaces looking like this:

The Forest ttk theme for Tcl/Tk

This is the Forest ttk theme. "ttk"? Yes, for Tcl/Tk! A lightweight and cross-platform GUI toolkit (and language). It doesn't have to look outdated!

Install the nodgui library with Quicklisp, clone a theme, load it and use it:

  (with-nodgui ()
    (eval-tcl-file "ttkthemes/ttkthemes/png/yaru/yaru.tcl")
    (use-theme "yaru")
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that's all there is to it.

The ttkthemes work: (just like with Python's Tkinter).

See more on the Cookbook and on Peter Lane's examples:

More screenshots and examples:, such as this toy media player:

A media player GUI in Lisp

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By the way, the yaru theme is now shipped by default in Nodgui, we don't need the eval-tcl-file step, ony "use-theme".