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I am considering to make Open Source

What is Open Source ?

Open Source is everywhere. The term “Open Source” refers to something people can modify and share because its design is publicly accessible. You can also contribute in any open source project, 28% of casual contributions to an open source are documentation, such as a typo fix, reformatting, or writing a translation.You Just need to track those issues related to the project And try to solve those issues and Open Pull Request.

Why I am considering to make it Open Source?

3 Months ago, i have started a Project called and which is mainly a portfolio and resume generator website, where you can make your own portfolio website without doing any coding, and now i am considering to make it an open source because i want to make it better with your help.

Some features of are

1 You can write your own blog
2 Share your portfolio as an unique link

3 Download Your resume

4 You can add your Projects

5 You can add your achivements

6 You can connect your social media handle's

7 You can add some Custom CSS
8 Receive direct messages from your audience

9 You can use our api

What Next ?

I am planning to move Front end from React.js to Next.js, It is very important in SEO Point of View and many more.

Thanks for reading,

Should i make it opensource ?

you can reach to me from my profile

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