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Cypress Workshop Series Announcement

In this series, you will learn many useful things related to web UI automation in general, best practices and, of course, all Cypress methods that you will be required to use in real life projects. This will be a course about E2E Cypress testing, for beginners.

Since this is a complex topic that takes years to master, we will not cover every single function or everything related to web UI automation, but you will have a solid base which will give you enough knowledge to independently continue learning the subject. You will see links to official Cypress documentation in every lesson, where you can find more information about what we are covering in this series.

Remember - if you really want to master Web UI Automation, or any test automation for that matter, real life experience is the most important. During and after the workshop, take initiative and try to implement your workshop knowledge on a real life project. Every test will be a new challenge where you will master a new command, new method and doing, so you will dive deeper into test automation, and you will truly become a Ninja!


  1. Introduction and installation
  2. Code quality and static analysis
  3. Test structure and test execution
  4. Elements, Locators, Assertions
  5. Elements manipulation - Button, Input, Radio Button, Checkbox
  6. Elements manipulation - Lists, Date picker
  7. Elements manipulation - Tables, Upload
  8. Elements manipulation - Tooltips, Alerts, Frames
  9. Reusability, Page Object Pattern, Commands
  10. API, Working on different environments
  11. Reporting - Qase, Github Actions


Link to complete project


In order to be a great test automation engineer, you will have to understand various different technologies, not just the test framework - such as Cypress. So, my recommendation for learning resources that will complement this class are:

Learn JavaScript: JavaScript Tutorial (for anyone interested in JS based test frameworks)

Learn HTML: HTML Tutorial

Learn Node.js: Node.js Tutorial (for anyone interested in JS based test frameworks)

Learn about APIs:

What is an API? Full Form, Meaning, Definition, Types & Example

Postman Tutorial for Beginners to perform API Testing

SOAP vs. REST vs. GraphQL: Difference Between Web API Services

Learn about CI/CD:

CI/CD Pipeline: A Gentle Introduction - Semaphore

What is CI/CD? Continuous integration and continuous delivery explained

Learn about Git and Github:

Git Tutorial

Learn Git Branching

An Intro to Git and GitHub for Beginners (Tutorial)

Learn Git - Tutorials, Workflows and Commands | Atlassian

Hello World - GitHub Docs

Test automation best practices:

Top 10 Test Automation Strategies and Best Practices

Best practices for test automation | 2023 tester’s checklist

Upgrading Your Approach To Web Test Automation: Tips & Best Practices

Test Automation Best Practices

ℹ️ Try to research as much as possible on above topics, since you will have to eventually understand them all in a real-life working environment.

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