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Which programming language(s) are important for a Kubernetes job?

74% of the job descriptions mentioned at least one programming language as their requirement!

Sounds logical, but what about specifics? Which language is the most popular among the mentions? And which aren't so popular?

Let's try to answer some of the above questions (and perhaps more) with Kube Careers job listings data for Q3 2022 (July to September).

Before you read further, know that:

  • At Kube Careers, we only include job listings with a clear salary range, which have Kubernetes as a requirement and not a nice to have/plus.
  • Our dataset is small, with 86 job listings from July to September 2022.

Are programming languages mentioned regularly in job descriptions?

Yes. It's almost a usual affair.

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Of the 86 jobs we listed in Q3 2022, 71 mentioned at least one programming language in the job descriptions.

How often does a single job description mention more than one programming language?

Quite often.

In fact, of the 71 job descriptions (that cite programming languages), there were 206 instances of programming language mentions.

Meaning most of the job descriptions cite more than one programming language.

That's an average of almost 3 programming language mentions per job description!

Which are the popular programming languages mentioned in job descriptions?

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Here are the takeaways from our Programming languages analysis:

  1. Python is the undisputed programming language King. It has topped all of the quarterly charts we have published.
  2. Go is a close second in demand, and it has also been reflected in the last four quarters that we analysed.
  3. Other important programming languages are: Java, Shell, Javascript, Rust, and Ruby.

Did you like what you read?

Click here if you'd like to read our detailed job trends report for Q3 2022, which includes salary ranges, popular technologies, popular skills listed in job descriptions, and much more.

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