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Here are the 6 best Kubernetes newsletters to follow in 2023.

Kubernetes is getting ever so popular with each passing day. It stands as one of the world's top 3 most loved platforms.

With its popularity, it also becomes essential for developers to stay in line with its updates, getting access to a community which supports it and being exposed to content that takes them one step closer to mastering it.

Newsletters offer a comprehensive bundle of resources for any such technology; thus, we have shortlisted six newsletters that will help you get a grip on the latest and greatest from the world of Kubernetes.

1. KubeWeekly

KubeWeekly is a Kubernetes focussed weekly newsletter handpicked by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) team, which took over management of the Kubernetes technology from Google.

The newsletter is dense with multiple sections, including headlines, an ICYMI section that shows proximal CNCF programs, and a technical segment which includes tutorials, tools, and much more.

Their latest newsletter revealed End of year deals on Linux certifications, Rancher 2.7 deep dive, and much more. You can check their previous issues here

2. Last Week in Kubernetes Development

Curated by the Kubernetes Contributor SIG, Last Week in Kubernetes Development (LWKD) is a weekly newsletter that aims to provide an update on the code activity in the Kubernetes project: merges, PRs, deprecations, version updates, release schedules, and community meetings.

LWKD is a sister publication to KubeWeekly and hence doesn't cover events or news, which the latter does a good job of.

In their latest issue, LWKD discusses Kubernetes version 1.26 and much more. You can subscribe to the newsletter here.

3. Learn Kubernetes weekly

Learnk8s offers Kubernetes training with self-paced online classes, as well as consulting services. Their newsletter includes access to handpicked Kubernetes guides, articles and even introduces its subscribers to the best Kubernetes jobs and events.

The newsletter aims to provide a comprehensive bundle of resources: right from technical guides to recent job listings and does an excellent job of it.

The latest issue includes articles such as a set of modern Grafana dashboards for Kubernetes and much more. You can subscribe to Learn Kubernetes weekly here

4. Upcoming Kubernetes Events

Upcoming Kubernetes Events is a weekly newsletter curated by the team at Kube Events, which is the place to find all the information regarding Kubernetes events, including meetups, conferences, training and webinars.

The newsletter also offers subscribers exclusive discount codes for events, call-for-papers announcements, and much more.

You can subscribe to the Upcoming Kubernetes Events newsletter here

5. Kubelist

Kubelist is a newsletter curated by Replicated, Shipyard, and snyk. It also has a podcast with the same name.

This newsletter, not strictly weekly, but consistent, contains information on the latest Kubelist podcast episode, curated articles around Kubernetes, and features tweets (often sarcastic) from the Kubernetes realm.

The latest issue of this newsletter talks about their latest projects: Kubecost and Opencost, and you can check out the previous issues here

6. Learn Cloud Native

The Learn Cloud Native, similar to the Kubelist newsletter, is not a weekly newsletter. However, it covers a lot of information once it is sent to subscribers.

The newsletter contains a curated list of podcasts, guides, articles, and news in the cloud native space.

This newsletter's latest issue discussed Deploying Traefik Proxy using Flux and GitOps principles. You can check out the previous issues here


Yes, tackling the challenges of a reasonably new technology such as Kubernetes can be difficult, but adopting tools such as Newsletters can be a good start.

Did you like our list of the Best Kubernetes Newsletters? Do you know of a newsletter that could have been on this list? Let me know in the comments section below.

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