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Remote Kubernetes jobs: How many are there? What do the trends suggest?

We at Kube Careers took our job listing data for Q3 2022 (July to September) and analysed it to derive a few patterns.

Before you read further, know that:

  • At Kube Careers, we only include job listings with a clear salary range, and which have Kubernetes as a requirement and not a nice to have/plus.
  • Our dataset is small, with 86 job listings from July to September 2022.

Here are some of the interesting things we found.

For Q3 2022, only 7% of the jobs mentioned a Remote only working nature. Of the others, Europe had the most Kubernetes jobs at 40%, APAC (Asia Pacific) at 33%, and North America at 16%.


What about remote jobs? What's the current scenario like?

It's complicated, and how!

Remote work mentions stand at 34% of the total jobs published this quarter. This metric is down by almost half when compared to the Q3 2021 quarter.


It also must be noted that there exist different tiers of remote work.

There are remote-only jobs that allow employees to work from anywhere in the world without needing to visit any of the company offices. Then there are remote-hybrid jobs that require the employee to be present in the same country/state as the company office and occasional office visits.

This quarter, a total of 23 job descriptions mentioned a remote-hybrid working setup, while only 6 job descriptions asked for a remote-only setup.


Has the scenario changed over the quarters?

It has.

If we normalise and then compare the numbers for Q3 of 2021 vs 2022, we find interesting things.


What is apparent is the fall of remote work and the rise of office-only jobs between the two quarters.

What is the reason for the fall? There could be numerous reasons contributing to the tilt. Still, one of the reasons could be the lifting of the COVID restrictions and the industry inviting its employees to the offices (at least partially).

Like what you read?

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