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CKAD Exam : Practice Exercise

Lot of people asked, how i prepared for CKAD. I'd like to share with you my experience.

A set of exercises that helped me prepare for the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer exam, offered by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, organized by curriculum domain. They may as well serve as learning and practicing with Kubernetes.

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During the exam, you are allowed to keep only one other browser tab open to refer official documentation. Make a mental note of the breadcrumb at the start of the excercise section, to quickly locate the relevant document in It is recommended that you read official documents before attempting exercises below it.

CKAD is a performance-based exam and it’s all about completing 19 questions within 2 hours. No matter how much you know kubernetes, but time is important in this exam the more you practice the more comfortable you feel during the exam. Practice. Practice. Practice.
I can’t stress this enough because the more you practice, the faster you will be in the exam. It’s all about how fast you could complete each question with the right answer. It wouldn’t be possible without practice.

Course sections.

Core Concepts - 13%
Multi-container pods - 10%
Pod design - 20%
Configuration - 18%
Observability - 18%
Services and networking - 13%
State persistence - 8%

Section based exercise to be continued in the series of posts.

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