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4/100 days of code

Today was a short one and I need to revise the rules. Was it that I need to spend an hour on the code for it to qualify for the challenge? Well, that might get rough.

Here’s to a little rule breaking in advance, because after a work day, preparing dinner and spending time with my partner, it’s late and I might not have an hour. Anyhow, I’ll do my best.

Today I managed to get the pics from my new (to me) digital Camera onto my computer to take a peek and see that yes, ¾ of them are as bad as I expected. But there are some pictures that will do just fine as article pics and such and of course I will keep doing more.

One goal of mine is to use only my own pictures in this project.

So after downloading darktable and realizing that editing the pictures will be a major time sink, I set up the pieces to make Gatsby fetch my articles from, which will function as my note pad for now.

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