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Jan Schröder
Jan Schröder

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2/100 days of code

So, just the second day in and it already becomes apparent, what a challenge this will be to daily work on a personal project.

It was Halloween today and since we’re in lockdown mode here in Hamburg, there was no going door to door for the kids, but they kept the spirit up and we just went knocking doors inside the house.
So it was a long day and then I still wanted to get a run in tonight so after the kitchen was done and the clock was showing 1:15 a.m. I still had to sit down to write some code.

Almost didn’t make it, but I did.

Going by the course, I was implementing the navigation in the page. After going through the various possibilities to do this, we set the basic layout of the page in a gatsby-browser.js file which offers to wrap everything rendered, i.e. a first level wrapper.

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