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Vidyasagar Machupalli
Vidyasagar Machupalli

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Awesome-AI: The guide to master artificial intelligence

A curated list of articles, books, MOOCs, infographics and many more covering Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. Check this GitHub repo

Artificial Intelligence is a fascinating topic and also a kind of buzzword which has been there for years and will dominate for many more years. As and when I interact with developers and students I hear different intuitions about machine learning, deep learning and AI. Sometimes, there’s also a confusion whether AI, ML & DL are all the same or different from each other.

So, I use this infographic in my first slide of a presentation. You can easily figure out what is what

Source: Apttus

Even then few of them are like

Photo by Alex Knight on Unsplash

As humans, we all are different and our way of learning is also differs. Few of us read books to master a topic, few watch videos, few attend online MOOCs(massive open online courses) or meetups. Few of us (including me) love quick guides and cheat sheets to quickly learn and understand a topic.

So, to answer and to satisfy everyone’s needs and interests to master artificial intelligence. I thought and formulated a GitHub repo which will have a small set of interesting aggregations. This is the place going forward where I will group all my learnings and fascinating encounters in the world of AI (ML + DL).

Beginners — Getting Started




Quick guides


Advanced AI



Interesting reads


_If you see a broken link, open an issue.

Fork the repo, add more content and a PR to merge.

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