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Discussion on: NFT images generator using Python Jupyter Notebook

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Victor Quan Lam Author

Well yes and no. You can create your own smart contract on Eth chain and host your NFTs on it. However, creating your own smart contract is quiet costly ( $700 or more on gas fee). This is a pro option.
Otherwise, you can use to set up automation flow to do this.

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Jeremy H • Edited on

This is helpful!
I've actually been watching quite a few tutorials on making my own smart contract on Truffle Suite so I might give it a try for fun. I'm mainly going off of an article on Piñata's blog found here (, but I'm still not quite sure how to get the 8000+ images I generated using your code on-chain all at once, seeing as the article is describing how to do it one at a time. Plus, I'm still lost on how that could be directly listed on OpenSea. Any advice?

Edit: OpenSea itself has a tutorial on how to list your ERC-721 assets, so I think I'm covered there! I'm still confused on how to get all 8000+ images onto IPFS all at once, though.