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Our Journey From Proprietary To Open Source: Enatega - An Open-Source Food Delivery App

Enatega, born from Ninjas Code, a software development company, has transitioned from a proprietary solution to a fully embraced open-source project. This shift empowers entrepreneurs to establish their own food delivery or related ventures with ease.

Why Enatega?

Enatega offers several advantages:

Streamlined Setup: Forget complex processes. Enatega boasts a simplified setup, allowing you to run the project locally with just a few commands.

Flexibility and Adaptability: Enatega transcends platforms, working seamlessly on emulators, physical devices, and across various environments.

Open Source Advantages: Explore live demos, comprehensive documentation, and instructional videos to navigate Enatega's features with ease. Delve deeper and customize the solution by diving into the source code at github.

Our Open Source Journey

Our open-source adventure began four years ago as a Ninjas Code side project. Initially aimed at fixing local food delivery app shortcomings, our vision expanded. Recognizing limitations in competing with industry giants through marketing alone, we shifted focus to helping others launch their delivery services.

While initially relying on third-party marketplaces, market dynamics necessitated a change in strategy. Leveraging our development expertise, we made the strategic decision to open-source our app repository. This move not only gained significant traction but also fostered a vibrant community of contributors, providing invaluable technical experience to over 100 startups.

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Sustainability is crucial. While the core Enatega application is open-source, the backend functionality remains proprietary, accessible through a licensed OPEN API. This acknowledges the need for customization to individual use cases, which wouldn't be feasible with a one-size-fits-all open-source model.

Introducing Enatega Multivendor

Enatega Multivendor offers a comprehensive solution for food delivery across iOS, Android, and web, seamlessly integrating with any meal delivery service. It prioritizes exceptional design for both mobile and dashboard applications.

Mobile App Technology Stack: React Native, Expo

Dashboard Technology Stack: React, GraphQL, Bootstrap

The solution encompasses all essential features for restaurant or food delivery applications, with well-organized code for developer convenience.

Enatega Multivendor Features
Enatega provides a feature-rich solution for every facet of food delivery, including:

Customer Mobile/Web App: Manage registration, login, restaurant browsing, order placement, tracking, reviews, payments, and more.

Restaurant Management App: Take control of orders, update statuses, generate invoices, and more.

Rider App: Get real-time order updates, navigate deliveries, communicate with customers, and manage earnings.

Admin Dashboard: Manage restaurants, riders, orders, and application configurations with role-based administration.

Enhanced Development Experience

Enatega goes beyond core functionalities, offering additional features to streamline development:

Code Quality Champions: ESLint and Prettier ensure your code is clean, consistent, and easy to maintain.

Rigorous Testing: Implement thorough unit testing with Jest for a robust application.

Smart Commit Control: Husky safeguards your codebase by preventing bad commits.

Enatega Technology Stack
Enatega leverages a robust technology stack to deliver a feature-rich and scalable solution:

API Server: Node.js, MongoDB, ExpressJS, Stripe, PayPal, and more.

Web Dashboard: React, GraphQL, Bootstrap, and Firebase.

Mobile Apps: React Native, Expo, GraphQL, Sentry, and Amplitude.

Customer Web App: React, Material UI, GraphQL, Amplitude, Sentry, and Firebase.

Contribute to Our Open-Source Project!

We actively seek contributions to enhance Enatega. Its market-aligned tech stack presents an excellent opportunity to get involved. Join our vibrant community on Discord for collaboration and to get your questions answered.

Contributing involves creating issues or submitting Pull Requests (PRs) with your code modifications and fork the Enatega repository on GitHub.

Thank you for your interest! We look forward to your contributions in making Enatega even better.

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