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Empowering Food Delivery Ventures with Open Source

Our Journey From Proprietary To Open Source

For four years, we navigated through proprietary software, but now, we're embracing open source with Enatega. This shift marks a significant milestone in our journey. Enatega offers several advantages:

  1. Streamlined Setup: Say goodbye to convoluted processes. With Enatega, setting up your project is a breeze. With just a few commands, you can have the project up and running on your local system.

  2. Flexibility and Adaptability: Enatega transcends platforms, offering adaptability for testing on both emulators and physical devices. Its cross-platform compatibility ensures seamless functionality across various environments.

  3. Open Source Advantages: Dive into live demonstrations, comprehensive documentation, and instructional videos elucidating the software's features. Navigating through the software landscape becomes uncomplicated with Enatega.


Our journey into open source began as a side project at Ninjas Code, a software development agency, four years ago. Initially, we aimed to address deficiencies in local food delivery applications, but our vision expanded. Recognizing our marketing limitations compared to industry giants, we shifted our focus to assisting others in launching their delivery services. Leveraging our development expertise, we made the strategic decision to open source our app repository. This move gained significant traction without extensive marketing efforts, cultivating a vibrant community of contributors, and providing invaluable technical experience to over 100 startups.

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Unveiling Enatega Multivendor

Enatega Multivendor offers a comprehensive solution for food delivery across iOS, Android, and the web, incorporating Amplitude for dashboard analytics. Crafted with React Native, React, GraphQL, Node, and MongoDB, our solution encompasses all necessary features for restaurant or food delivery applications. Here's a glimpse of the functionalities:

  • Customer Mobile/Web Application: Verification, authentication, restaurant browsing, order tracking, payment integration, multi-language support, and more.
  • Restaurant Application: Order management, notification alerts, invoice printing, status management, and more.
  • Rider Application: Real-time order updates, navigation, chat functionality, earnings management, and more.
  • Admin Dashboard: Role-based administration, order management, vendor management, configuration options, and more.

Functionalities for Better Development Experience

To streamline development, we've integrated ESLint, Prettier, Jest, and Husky into our codebase, ensuring code quality and developer convenience.

What You'll Get with Enatega Full App

The Enatega Full App includes mobile apps for customers, riders, and restaurants, a web app, an admin dashboard, an API server, analytics dashboard, and error reporting.

Enatega Technology Stack

Our technology stack includes NodeJS, MongoDB, React, React Native, GraphQL, Expo, Stripe, PayPal, Firebase, Amplitude, and Sentry.

Contribute to Our Open Source Project

We're actively seeking contributors to enhance our project. Join our Discord community for questions and collaboration here. Contributions can be made by creating issues or Pull Requests (PRs) on our GitHub repository here. Simply fork the repository, create a branch, and request assignment to specific issues labeled as good first issues. We look forward to your contributions!

Thank you for your interest in Enatega. Together, let's revolutionize the food delivery industry!

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