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Dotnet Interview Questions Part1

Can ASP.Net core app work with .Net 4.X?

Yes, Via Dotnet Standard Library

  • .Net Core 2.X -- Runs on Full .Net Framework
  • .Net Core 3.X -- Not supports Full .Net Framework
  • .Net 5 -- Not supports Full .Net Framework

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A CLI Language Compiler will generate metadata and store this in an assembly containing CIL. when runtime executes CLI, it will check the called method and calle are same.

CIL is a common interpreted language, and also CTS common type system to make sure all languages are generated as same MSIL to which passes to the CLR or runtime

Major events in global.aspx

  • Applicaton_start
  • Application_end
  • Application_error
  • Application_disposed
  • Application_beginRequest


  • OnPreInit
  • OnInit
  • OnInitComplete

  • LoadViewState

  • LoadPostData

  • Page_PreLoad

  • Page_Load

  • Page_LoadComplete

State Management in ASP.Net

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State Management in MVC

Hidden Field
Query String

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