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Why DEV ?

Gudi Varaprasad
Cyber Security | Cryptography | Blockchain | Front-end | Mathematics | Computer Science | VIT
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>> About DEV

DEV is a community of software developers getting together to help one another out. The software industry relies on collaboration and networked learning. They provide a place for this to happen. It is like a Social Media Platform for developers.

>> Why I chose DEV ?

I started writing my blogs recently here. I personally liked this way of writing blogs and recommend any beginner who is interested to start his career in Web Development. This gave me a chance of improving my knowledge and practice my front-end basics. Writing a HTML page and modifying it using CSS and publishing it through GITHUB pages like this is a prolonged process. Apart from doing all this stuff, here you can publish your practiced entities on different topics which will also be helpful for beginners. DEV gives you answers to many questions. There is a dual way benefit with this. So, I am eager to introduce myself to the world by contributing some informative blogs about core concepts in CSE, ECE and my learning experiences which may be at least helpful for beginners.
As a beginner, I came here after an instagram post and a friend advice to start contributing to I hope this would be a good start and best practice to develop as a front-end Developer.

First Of all it's an easy platform to grow yourself and to build your brand on! A Chat ? Twitter or other social media has a chat feature but your favorite celebs don't reply there unlike DEV your celebs might actually reply since DEV has less users You have a higher chance to meet your stars! Yes DEV is not like other social medias like Twitter Facebook Instagram. But it's a social media for Developers!

A week ago, I joined the DEV community as a beginner. It was kind of random. I wanted to write more often and was testing other platforms too (CodePen and Medium). DEV's editor seemed easier to use, and the community larger and welcoming... although I must admit that I was a bit wary, as my first impression was of DEV as a techy version of BuzzFeed. But still it seemed to me a good start as a developer at DEV So, thanks DEV for providing the platform and this amazing community...

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