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What i was expecting GAME_DEV and what i found?

vaibhavpathak999 profile image Vaibhav Pathak ・2 min read

I am budding game developer. My journey began on Unity. I was going through tutorials for learning "How to build a game?". Initially i found it more of coding and everything became troublesome. Since i was coding in a language"C#" which I didn't know how to code in. C, C++, Java and C# are some most popular Languages used for game development.

But the "real spirit never dies". I kept going on and learned everything that came in my way. Things became easy and interesting soon.

There are Blueprint available on game engine like Unity and Unreal. Blueprint is a high level, visual scripting system that provides an intuitive, node-based interface that can be used to create any type of script events in the editor's like Unreal and Unity.
What a wonderful and creative way which provides beginners a boost for learn coding for development in super easy way.

I found out the Game_Dev is much more than coding and is more of fun and creativity. It has got many fields like artists, designers, game programmer, level designer, sound engineer and tester.


I kept working on games and i found my love for level designing. Level designing involves creativity and visualizing the new world that you want to create.


Put up things in perfect place, lightings, trees, mountains, rivers, AI bots, forts and what not. It is just like creating a #A_Whole_New_World.

What is Level in game?
A level, map or zone in a video game is the total space available to the player during the course of completing a discrete objective. Each level presents new content and challenges to keep player's interest high.

Checkout my first game that i build on unity
Tutorials: youtube( Brackeys


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