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Code-GPT — Make sense of any code, anytime. 🚀

Introduction 👋

Code-GPT is an extension for VS Code that provides you instant explanations for your code within the code editor using AI.

With Code-GPT, you can:

  • 🧠 Get instant explanations for selected code in real-time
  • 💡 Increase your coding understanding and efficiency
  • ⏳ Save time and minimize frustration with clear code explanations
  • 🔍 Improve your coding skills with in-depth code analysis

Demo 📽

demo video

Installation 📦

  1. Open VS Code and click on the Extensions icon in the left sidebar
  2. Search for "Code-GPT" in the Extensions Marketplace
  3. Click on the Install button for "Code-GPT"

How to Use Code-GPT 🛠

  1. Select the code you want to understand in your VSCode editor
  2. Open the Command Palette (press Ctrl + Shift + P or Cmd + Shift + P on Mac)
  3. Type "Explain Selected Code" and select the command from the list
  4. Enter your email address if prompted
  5. Wait for the response and the explanation will be prepended to the selected code in your VSCode editor

Enjoy the instant and comprehensive code explanations with Code-GPT! 🎉

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