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GraphQL auto-generated Headless CMS

vadorequest profile image Vadorequest ・1 min read

Do you know any Headless CMS that can be automatically generated from a given GraphQL schema/endpoint?

I'm looking at building a backoffice (CMS), and I already have a GraphCMS endpoint, I wonder if there are any tool out there that can just create a whole CMS based on the GraphQL schema.

Then, allow for customisation such as permissions, etc.

So far, my best bet would be but it doesn't seem to map the schema (or I didn't find how)

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Jamie Barton

Did you find anything close? I started hacking on something like this for a tutorial explaining introspection schemas.

While it won't be as complex as you requirements, it could be?

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Vadorequest Author

My best finding was react-admin, I eventually made a demo at

It can be a good base to inspire you, or start from. It's not maintained though.