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Vadym Marukhnenko
Vadym Marukhnenko

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I built a Blog web app using React, Nest.js, Prisma, RTK Query and MUI. I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions

Hi everyone! I've built this project using React, Nest.js, Prisma, RTK Query and MUI.
Any feedback and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Live demo:


  • Signin / Signup
  • Create, update and delete posts, comments and tags
  • Bookmark posts
  • Filter for posts
  • Follow / Unfollow users
  • Infinite scrolling of posts
  • View / Edit Profile
  • Display, user's followers and following list
  • Accessible components
  • Fully responsive design
  • Reading List

Tech Stack

  • React
  • TypeScript
  • Redux Toolkit
  • RTK Query
  • MUI
  • Framer Motion
  • React Router
  • React Hook Form

Top comments (8)

xet7 profile image
Lauri Ojansivu

If you would like to make possible for others to also use it, or maybe contribute, you could add for example MIT license, if any of your dependencies do not GPL license that would make all code GPL.

Without license, code is propietary, and only you can use it.

arjuncodess profile image
Arjun Vijay Prakash

This is awesome!

Congrats on completing the project. 💯

gikdev profile image
Mohammad Mahdi Bahrami

This is amazing!!!

fomonyuytar profile image
Fomonyuytar Joseph

The blog is really good , looking forward to learning alot from the source code

altesack profile image
Marat Latypov

The code looks great! What could I suggest - writing tests, maybe

adimail profile image

Really smooth. Loved it

karun_yadav profile image

What about backend stack

vadimnevlad profile image
Vadym Marukhnenko

For backend I used Nest.js with Prisma, deployed it on DigitalOcean and used supabase for sql database storage