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Hot potato process, accessible colors, shattered design dreams — and more UX this week

A weekly selection of design links, brought to you by your friends at the UX Collective.

  • Hot Potato Process → Ideas passed quickly back and forth from designer to developer.
  • Worst Cases → Why we’re thinking about worst-case scenarios the wrong way.
  • Accessible Colors → The Stripe team on how to design accessible color systems.

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Stories from the community

Let me shatter that design-dream of yours

By Reinoud Schuijers

Design and the art of motorcycle maintenance

By Kit Oliynyk

Dribbble shots can make you a worse UI designer

By David Portelli

More top stories:

News & ideas

  • Soli by Google → Miniature radar that understands human motions.
  • Visually Distorted → When symmetrical UI looks all wrong.
  • AI Pub → How facial recognition is used in a London pub.
  • Figma Brand → How the Figma team landed its evolved look.

Featured Work: Margot Lévêque

Tools & resources

  • Descript → Edit podcast audio by editing text.
  • SVG Converter → Convert SVG absolute clip-path to relative.
  • Maccy App → Clipboard manager keeps copy history at hand.
  • Mochi Cards → Make flashcards using markdown, for learning.

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