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Design eating code, Figma tips for messy designers — and more UX this week

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Brazilians Who Design →

A place to showcase the work of talented Brazilian designers to the world. The goal is to inspire new designers to diversify their references, experienced designers to diversity their network, and companies to diversify their teams.

The UX Collective is an ad-free platform that elevates unheard design voices all over the world, reaching over 377,400 designers every week. Curated by Fabricio Teixeira and Caio Braga.

Stories from the community

Ending the arms race in the tech industry

By Radhika Dutt

The usability issue that caused 1 death and 38 injuries

By Hossein Raspberry

Time to redesign America

By Do Big Good

5 Figma tips from a reformed messy designer

By Scott Oliveri

Design is eating code, even as software eats the world

By Andrew Jones

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