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New Series: Do You know javascript?

Hey Folks! I want to make a new series for the ultimate basics of javascript like never before.

In this series, we will be talking about:

  • How javascript works?
  • How javascript code is executed?
  • What is hoisting in javascript?
  • How functions work in javascript?
  • Window and this keyword, what the heck it is?
  • Undefined vs not defined.
  • The scope chain.
  • Let vs const vs var.. let's debate?
  • BLock scope and shadowing.
  • Closures in javascript.
  • First-class functions.
  • Second Class Functions.
  • Callbacks.
  • Event Loops.
  • js engine by Google V8 architecture.
  • SetTimeOut().
  • Function Currying in javascript.
  • Functional Programming in javascript.

Many More...

Thanks For your support.
Keep supporting and I will be bringing this content for you guys.

Happy Coding!

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