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HNGi8 2021

The most anticipated tech internship in this part of the world is here again. HNG internship is a 2-3 months program organized to show people how to code and design. It extends to post-training phase, and encourages collaboration amongst participants.

Hi, my name is Usenmfon Uko and I am a tech-hungry frontend enthusiast. I have a handful of tools and languages under my belt such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, git, visual studio code and most recently added react.Js and firebase to the list.

Yeah, enough of the introduction or maybe not. I strongly believe that the HNG internship program organized by zuri team in collaboration with ingressive for good (I4G) is a life changing venture, this is supported with facts garnered from testimonials of past interns. I know the deterministic factor to be a finalist involves great amount of smart work and collaboration, this is something Iā€™m readily keen to shoot my best shot at.

My goals for the internship are as follows:

  1. Get the HNG T-shirt (i.e. being amongst the finalist)
  2. Ensure that I put the amount of effort required to the achieve point one (1)

Achieving my ultimate goal will unlock doors of greatness; becoming the best version of myself, networking with like minds and building amazing things.

I envision a bumpy ride; it's what makes the story beautiful.

Below is a list of beginner friendly tutorial which helped me kickstart my journey in tech:

  1. Figma -
  2. Git -
  3. HTML -
  4. JavaScript -

I hope the aforementioned tutorial links will be of help to a newbie to kickstart their journey in web development.

Thank you for reading to this point.

More about the internship:

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