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My top 5 tools for Web Design

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Whenever I start a new web design project there are a few tools and resources I repeatedly use for my design process. They work all the time and help greatly ease the workflow and generally make it easier to complete my projects.

1. Unsplash

Unsplash.com is my number one go to website to grab royalty free, professional high grade images to use for my website designs. These are the types of images that change the entire visual design of the website.
Link: Unsplash

2. Blobmaker

Blobmaker.app is a genius tool that generates for you the svg code for cool blobs. Which you can then paste in your html code. You can even control the shape and color. Super cool.
Link: Blobmaker

3. Get Waves

Getwaves.io is another online resource from the makers of blob.app. Its the same idea but instead of blobs it let's you create beautiful waves for backgrounds like you see on those modern websites. Just copy and paste the code and you're done!
Link: Get Waves

4. CSS Gradient

Cssgradient.io is another online resource that lets you set beautiful gradient colors for your css with a convenient photoshop-like gradient color picker. I use this for buttons, backgrounds and text all the time!
Link: CSS Gradient

5. Animista

Animista is a great css tool. It has a library of css animations that you can use to animate css elements. Instead of spending valuable time figuring out a smooth animation, animista has a list of tons of popular animations and generates for you the css code. There's even a customizer interface to create custom animations.
Link: Animista

Those are my 5 favorite resources which i use in countless projects, go ahead and try those and let me know what you think of them!

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That's amazing! I hate having to try and find colours and fonts that go well together. Thank you!


Hey Keegan. Thank you!

I will be updatimg the font pairings soon.



Nice app. I'll be using it. Thanks for sharing!


They all available on ToolDeck. Plus you can explore more tools like them :)


thanks for sharing! i actually already used it in another article but thanks


I also like undraw.co/ to have beautiful illustrations. You can even customize the color !


nice this is really cool!


Nice list, Uriel! Thanks for sharing it.

I have a tool that might be useful for you as well:


Awesome article, thanks for sharing :)


youre welcome man enjoy!


That's cool! I didn't know Animista. By the way, it's a good tool, thanks for this!