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🧠💼 Unvalidated Ideas
🧠💼 Unvalidated Ideas

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💡Hosted ETCD aaS

Here's an Startup/SaaS idea to try out:

🌩 Hosted ETCD aaS

You know how Kubernetes is absolutely blowing up? Well there's one piece of technology that it all depends on -- etcd.

ETCD is kind of known to be a pain to run and manage properly, but it's the central pieces of Kubernetes that not many people acknowledge -- Kubernetes does nothing but read & write from ETCD all day.

Why would anyone pay for a service like ETCD from you when they can run EKS/AKS/GKS and so on?

Companies run their own clusters (sometimes for cost reasons), using tools like kops, and kubeadm to set up their own clusters.

This is especially the case for companies running on bare metal. Those companies dont want to manage ETCD on top of everything else.

Some people were already wondering when AWS would do this back in 2021.

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