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Python Automate the task of creating a file and run it from any directory.

If you are a Coder? We have to create a file with a basic syntax on regular basis.

In the last blog as I told you, I am learning some Competitive programming I have to create a new python file every time I learning and solving a new algorithm.

Also, each file has a main() function which I have to write every time, and also I have to update my file as I push it on GitHub and keep track of problems I solve.

So I created a simple template file using python which I can run from any directory. I just have to type "template" in cmd > enter new filename > enter the text I have to append to the file > and Enter.
It's that simple!

Code of my file.

import os
from datetime import date, datetime
today =
now =
d1 = today.strftime("%B %d, %Y")
current_time = now.strftime("%H:%M:%S")

#file creation locations and file name input
Newfilename = input("Enter filename:")
readmefileinput = input("Enter readme input:")
Newfilelocation = Newfilename
ReadmeFileLocation = ""

#open file to read, write or append 
f = open(Newfilelocation, "a")
g = open(ReadmeFileLocation, "a")

#Declaration of the lines to write
comments = "#Date: " + d1 + '   ' + "Time: " + current_time + "\n" 
imports = "from sys import stdin, stdout\nimport collections\nimport time\n\n\n\n"
line1 = "def main():\n\n\n\n"
line2 = "if __name__ == '__main__:'\n "
line3 = "   main()"

#Writelines in the file created
f.writelines ([comments, imports, line1, line2, line3])
g.write("\n" + readmefileinput)

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To make Python scripts runnable from any location under Windows:

Alt Text

Alt Text

To call python script directly from the command prompt, e.g., to invoke the script “” simply typing:

 > template
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instead of needing to type:

> python path\to\ 
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Steps to add to Environment Variables:
Go to your python directory. E.g. Mine is "C:\Python39\Scripts"
Copy file into this directory
It's more likely you already have a Python script folder in your Environment Variable but if not
Add the path to this script directory in Windows "PATH" system variable:

You should be able to run any of your python template files from any directory now.

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