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How this book made me productive- Part-2

Welcome, I hope you are here to make your self productive and embark in journey of success. If you haven’t read the part one you should check it out first here. As this is a continuation of it. In this blog I will tell you how I divided my Morning routing to make most out of it and make sure I do not procrastinate.

So here are the parts how I divided my morning routine:


So my morning starts at 5:00am sharp, I make sure I do not pretend lazy and sleep 5mins more. The first thing I do as soon as I turn off my alarm is to Meditate. The way I am learning meditation is by using an app called “Balance”. Balance have a simple and beautiful UI so you do not have much distractions. Balance keep track of daily meditation streaks. Also once you start a session in Balance you got to choose your meditation period which is 3/5/10 mins then put your headphones on and close your eyes. Balance will guide you through various elements of meditation like focusing, overcome distraction while meditation, breath control and focusing on your breath.

Book Reading

So after meditation I freshen up and move towards my next habit which is book reading. So as I told you I am building habit of book reading through Books, audio books and book summary. But as a solid morning routine I make sure I read books in Physical format rather then listening to it because reading makes me more interactive. I have kept a target of completing 1 chapter a day as I am beginner which usually takes me 45mins. The book I am currently reading is “The Intelligent investor” it is highly recommended read as everyone should have knowledge of finance and wealth management. I wouldn’t suggest the book if you are a beginner and have no idea of stock market. Moving the our next habit.

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Learning is vital part of out life. To make sure I do not lack on my technical skills I tend to learn something everyday just this time I have dedicated a fixed time for it in my morning routine. If you are already a Student, study you weak subjects in morning as your mind in more active in morning and will grasp content faster and your meditation will come handy to make you more focused. As I am self Learning I am doing the course called “Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate”. The course is divided in weekly format which you can further divide in days. So I make sure I complete a certain number of chapter a day so I can complete my weekly goal.


Exercise is a must in your morning routine I started doing exercise in lock down and I just enjoy it. I do exercise at home using dumbbells and body weight. I have my exercise routine planned to hit different muscles. I am following Pull,push,legs routine as it is more effective for me. My usual exercise session if of about 45mins to 1hr.

Daily chores

Now I do my daily chores like brushing and taking bath having my tea. By the way do tell me in comment if your are tea or coffee person.

Side hustle

A side hustle apart from your Main income is necessary in this high competitive world, As my side hustle I write blogs the one that you are reading now and I do YouTube. I usually plan my content a day before, note some rough points and then make the content. As I do not post blogs everyday I may be doing some other thing that day like YouTube, may be I just keeping an stock market watch make some trades if I am confident that day. Also I am working on writing a small book whenever I get the content and have time.

And with that I make my morning productive you do not need to follow exact same pattern , instead I will encourage you to take time and make your own morning routine. A routine that you feel is effective and makes you productive. Until then see you in next blog.

Definitely consider following my page if read up to here and you feel its worth a follow. I am planning some programming, productivity, finance content in many blogs to come. Till then see you in next blog. 👍

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