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How this book made me productive.

At what time you wake up and how do you feel when you wake? Do you usually feel productive when you wake up? If not follow me on this blog and I will tell you how a book changed my routine and boosted my productivity.

So starting with the my story let me tell you that I was not at all a productive person, since I left my job, my usual routine started late at 9:30am sometime 10:00 rest of the day I would just scroll Social media or YouTube, Learn some skill for a while and so or sometimes look and prepare for new job. You would wonder then how I am writing about productivity well I am not a productivity expert or guru but I can surely tell how I started developing a Habit to make myself productive.

So as I was having plenty of time I always wondered to do something productive the only and the first thought was to read books. But I was not at all was able to concentrate on reading a book so I checked out alternative, which was Audio-books but again it was a lengthy process, After looking on Internet I found this app called “Blinkist App” which gives you summary of books in 20-25 minutes and you daily get 1 random book summary for free.

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After 2 days I got this book called “The 5 AM club” by Robin Sharma I think most of the people may have heard of this book even I have knew about the book but motivational books were just not my thing I thought every book just repeats the same thing. But just to make a habit and started listening the book. And actually I liked the points discussed in this book. I would rather the say the shortness of the book on Blinkist App made it more easy to understand and interactive. In the book the writer uses a fictitious story about a billionaire mentor teaching a struggling artist and an entrepreneur about the importance of waking up early to show how revolutionary it is for success. By the way I bought the book in Kindle edition and read it thoroughly later as well.

The book in very simple and in very beautiful way shows the importance of owning your morning routine. And as the book name goes your morning routine should start at 5AM. How waking up at 5AM will solitude and enhance your brain performance. It also tells you what to do once you wake up how to distribute your time to make your morning more productive. You will get to know about the 20/20/20 formula which is discussed in the book. I would not give you insights of the book rather I would encourage you to read the book yourself if you are feeling lazy like I was you can start like me with “Blinkist App” .

So at the end I will say start today, start owning your mornings and thus your life, build creativity, knowledge, maximize focus, fitness and protect your serenity in an age of complexity and work towards success.

Further in continuation, Part-2 of this blog next blog I will tell you how I created my own morning schedule what apps I am using to develop a habit and what books I am reading.

Definitely consider following my page if read up to here and you feel its worth a follow. I am planning some programming, productivity, finance content in many blogs to come. Till then see you in next blog. 👍

Part2 of the blog uploaded(17/10/22) : Click here

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